The following is the second in a series of guest posts by Tom Riddle of CIThread, a business partner of Social Fluency and Fusion PR.

For your organization to become a leader in your market’s social conversations, you need to contribute vital, interesting “need to know” information regularly, in volumes that matter.  In the first installment, we discussed the value of leveraging champions or subject matter experts as a strategy, and the difficulty of doing so.

The good news is that the latest intelligent, collaborative content curation platforms now make it easy for marketers and agencies to efficiently harvest the knowledge of in-house subject matter experts (even those who are not practiced communicators).   In doing so, your organization can efficiently impact social conversations at levels that drive dramatic results.

Your prospects, customers, investors and other communities of interest are reading independently-developed articles, stories and posts related to your industry every day, with or without you.   Each relevant piece presents an opportunity for you to add context, influence and lead the conversation.   It is your choice; you can seize the opportunity and shape the conversation – or become shaped by it.

It is a more highly leveraged activity to have one of your organization’s experts add color to an article that has become news than to write an original piece.   They can easily instill valuable, need-to-know context across many articles, in near real-time; i.e. in less time than it would take to write, proofread and produce just one from scratch.  And becoming known as a source of authoritative content in your market’s social communities can maximize the return on investments for materials that are best produced in-house, like white papers, product specifications, ROI calculators and the like.

When evaluating content curation solutions, be sure to look for collaborative ones that:

  • Allow the marketer to create multiple precisely-targeted content streams, by identifying timely topics that can keep your experts ”on message,” while offering enough variety.  Allow the marketer to specify which topical content streams go to which subject matter experts
  • Facilitate collaboration so that the marketer or expert can recommend content to each other and annotate it with notes on suggested approach
  • Gives the subject matter expert the option to either directly publish the article or route it to the marketer for finishing touches.
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